A collection of articles published in the Yale Daily News, Yale Daily News Magazine, Yale Daily News WEEKEND, Yale Politic, Yale Globalist, Toledo Blade, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin Politifact, and Union News Daily.This collection is not exhaustive. 

As friends celebrate Christmas, Muslims navigate religious, cultural implications

Rehana Ahmed doesn’t recall meeting many Catholics at her Catholic high school. In fact, she estimates that about 80 percent of the students at Cathedral High School in Lahore, Pakistan, were just like her: proudly practicing Muslims. Right up until she graduated in 1967, she read Scripture in her Bible study classes — ”an easy A,” she recalled — attended church services and, come the holiday season, belted out the Christmas carols she knew by heart. She and her peers always looked forward to the school’s Christmas parties, where Santa Claus would arrive with mountains of presents....

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace saves itself from closure

Patricia Payton was reliving a nightmare. Just three years ago, the Diocese of Paterson had closed Holy Family School, the Catholic elementary school her fourth-grade daughter had been attending since kindergarten. Payton and others fought the closure for a year, launching a fundraiser and reaching out to alumni, to no avail. At the time, she had felt sadness and melancholy. Now, though, she burned with anger.

At the Intersection: The Ongoing Battle Over Water, Oil and Sovereignty

First came the battle cry: “We can’t drink oil!” Then the resounding response: “Keep it in the soil!” Drivers honked their horns. Rush-hour traffic screeched to a halt, as the stoplight went from red to green to yellow and back to red again without a single vehicle moving. At the center of the intersection of College and Chapel streets, in front of TD Bank, a line of defiant protesters stood

Yale researchers advance search for dark matter

Decades after dark matter was first discovered, a Yale-built detection device is leading the search for the invisible phenomenon. --------One reader's comment on the article: "AHMED ELBENNI deserves special recognition for his success in translating some very deep science into terms understandable to the YDN readership, including careful selection and arrangements of relevant bits from the HAYSTAC of information this story encompasses."
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