Fair mounted patrol unit celebrates 50th anniversary amid uncertainty

In the 32 years he's served on the Wisconsin State Fair Police's mounted patrol unit, Joe Volz has seen a lot. There was the time Volz and his horse Montana chased a purse snatcher out of the fairgrounds, across Greenfield Avenue and into the alleyways – "he'd go through the backyards; I'd go through the backyards" – until the suspect finally surrendered. Then there were the racially charged mob attacks in 2011. Mostly, though, Volz and Montana, at 19 years the longest serving horse in the unit, have met many, many people. This year is no different. "Can anyone get kicked by one of these things?" one woman asked, gingerly stroking Montana's head. "Yes, they can. I've seen it," Volz affirmed. "People fly. They fly without wings."

Cranford High School graduate plays key role in bringing ‘The Call of the Wild’ to life

CRANFORD, NJ — Moviegoers who happened to visit Cranford Theater at approximately 4:15 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21, stumbled upon an odd sight: a group of more than 20 people, young and old, carrying dirt-caked shovels, minnow buckets, oil lanterns and rusted pans. Most wore long-sleeved plaid shirts and wool hats. A few boasted fake beards. Even more mysterious was the item sitting on the wooden easel in the midst of the crowd: a giant black-and-white photograph of a steely gazed, bearded man wearing....

Yale researchers advance search for dark matter

Decades after dark matter was first discovered, a Yale-built detection device is leading the search for the invisible phenomenon. --------One reader's comment on the article: "AHMED ELBENNI deserves special recognition for his success in translating some very deep science into terms understandable to the YDN readership, including careful selection and arrangements of relevant bits from the HAYSTAC of information this story encompasses."
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